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Broken Resolution

by | 21st Jan 2021

THESE DAYS JANUARY 19 is labelled as “Quitters Day,” the day most people are likely to give up their New Year’s resolutions. Back in the day, the majority of people gave up their resolutions by mid-February.

Every year I hear the cry of New Year’s resolutions from the same people saying the same thing and, in the back of my mind, I’m saying, ‘shut-up!’ People set outlandish goals that they can never keep in a month of Sundays. It would be a lot easier to keep just one resolution rather than loads and, even then, most of my friends find that difficult enough.

People are lazy; taking classes and spending a lot of money buying machines, gadgets and health and fitness must-haves that end up being shelved, which is money down the drain for many.

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