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Boxing Training

by | 7th Dec 2021

NO MATTER YOUR age, you needn’t be Muhammad Ali to reap the benefits of boxing. As an exercise, there is nothing to beat it. As a sport, it’s unmatched. All you need is passion and a place to train at home or in a club.

I took up boxing training at the age of 40 at ‘All-Stars’ amateur boxing club in London. I loved the training so much that I eventually went on to certify as an assistant boxing coach. It was the next best thing I could do because I was never going to become a professional fighter.  You will discover the incredible mental benefits you can get from bobbing and weaving while throwing punches from every angle.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a sport that will exercise your whole body like boxing can – it will build muscle, increase your stamina, help you lose fat, and get fitter. Boxing training does it all.

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