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by | 26th May 2021

THE WORLD DOESN’T need more people bragging about the magical powers of their morning routine. So why, I can hear people muttering at the back, am I about to tell you about mine?

I’m going to beg your forgiveness for two reasons. The first is that it may be helpful for fellow fifty-somethings to hear it’s possible to get into shape without overthinking your diet, or doing unrealistic things to your body. And the second, far more important, is that it isn’t about me at all. It’s about how all of us, in a world where we don’t so much work from home as we live at work, can take a healthier approach.

Let me start with the less interesting part. A year ago, having changed from a routine in which I was constantly on the move to one where I sat in the same chair for 12 hours a day, I knew a change was needed. I was overweight, too sedentary, and getting too old to do nothing about it.

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