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Biker Fail

by | 6th May 2021

ONE OF THE key appeals of motorcycling is its unrivalled and singular style. These days the biker-look has changed lanes into the wider world of style, and today influences everything from high fashion to the high street. A leather motorcycle jacket is the cornerstone of any biker’s style. Tough, rugged — yet somehow refined —made to both protect you and to look great. They are a sound investment, and you don’t have to own a motorbike because they have become a style staple for a reason.

Biker boots are making the same style transition. No longer are they big clunky things and they now have a hip retro feel for everyday wear. The Daytona AC Classics GTX is good quality and well made; however, there is a design flaw. There is an inability to adjust the boot fit and ensure a tight and supported fit across the foot’s top because of the minimal tongue gusset area and a stupid lacing system that doesn’t cater to different foot shapes.

The importance of correctly fitted footwear is essential. It doesn’t matter how good your boots are; if they don’t fit properly, they will never work to their fullest potential. Anyone reading this: you need to know that the lacing system doesn’t allow you to tighten them for a snug fit.

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