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Battle Fat at Home

by | 1st Jan 2021

YOU EITHER LOVE battle ropes or you don’t know what a battle rope is yet.  Battle Ropes are thick, heavy ropes which are most commonly used for strength and conditioning. They’re also great for working your arms, as well as your back, shoulders, quads and core. If you’re looking to buy some for your home, check out our shop.

Battle ropes are not a passing trend, they’ve first used in the mid-nineties and their popularity continues to grow to the point where nearly all gyms have a set. Using these thick, heavy ropes does more than look impressive – it’s a brilliantly effective workout.

They’re simple to set up outside and takes up minimal storage space. You can attach the ropes to an outside wall, a stake in your lawn or any suitable pole with the addition of a strap.

How To Master Battle Ropes Wave

The wave is the quintessential battle ropes exercise – the ideal grip is the hand and fingers on the handle, with the thumb off the handle on the rope itself, with your hands facing each other.

Don’t hold the handle right at the end, because it means you can’t flick the wrist. And when your hands get sweaty the rope could end up slipping out of your hands.

Set a solid stance

Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, with a slight bend in your hips and knees while keeping your back straight and chest forwards.”

Flick, don’t tug

Visualise throwing the ropes up and away by flicking your wrist quickly to raise and lower the ropes. Avoid tugging the ropes towards your body it can cause shoulder injuries.”

Don’t creep forwards

Avoid creeping forwards, which puts too much slack in the ropes and makes it really hard to create a nice wave. Put a marker down on the floor, and try to stand on that point for the duration of your set.


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