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Ayubowan Retreat

by | 1st Jan 2021

SUPER-A HAS COMBINED forces with Geeta Vara, the author of “Ayurveda – Ancient Wisdom for Modern Wellbeing”.  She is a British-born Ayurvedic Practitioner inspired by her Indian roots who has joined Super-A to deliver the Ayubowan Retreat, designed to balance your body and provide you with the tools to live a healthier, longer life. (Ayubowan is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘in harmony with’).

For thousands of years, Ayurvedic texts have described the benefit of physical exercise as ‘sthiratva’, or stability. The Ayubowan Retreat explores the process of self-experimentation in order to optimise physical and mental health; to address fitness, stress, and mid-life crisis.


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