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  2. An Adonis Belt (at any age)

An Adonis Belt (at any age)

by | 6th Sep 2021

AT 63, MY BODY might be less than my perfect, but is that “perfection” an ephemeral changing ideal? I have spent my entire life doing what I do, and I have literally torn up the rule book of exercise and successfully developed a proven training program worthy of champions and Greek Gods.

Men’s obsession with muscles has always been there, and the idea that one day “perfect” will be whatever body you naturally have is not likely to be any time soon.

That said, it’s never been easier to get the “perfect body”—with filters and Photoshop. It’s pretty much what the ancient Greek sculptors did with their statues, sculpted in such a way to make them appear more oversized and more fit than is anatomically possible. Historically it reveals that our idea of a beautiful physique was never reasonable, even in antiquity, where the male physique was so enhanced.

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