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An Active Workplace

by | 16th Aug 2021

MY BACKGROUND IN Graphic Design meant decades working in an industry with an ingrained sedentary, sitting work culture.  This came to a head 7 years ago when I decided to make a dramatic change to how I worked, after years of intermittent problems with neck and lower back pain including bouts of sciatica.  So, the story of Flomotion is really based on my personal journey over the last 6 years since we launched.

We’ve taken the term “Active working” – a generic industry phrase and put our own spin on it, turning it into a philosophy and holistic approach to improving long term workplace health and wellbeing.   We have also started to look at not only the person but the space they work in – and you may well hear the phrase ‘biophilic design’ more often as we move towards more permanent post-pandemic work solutions.

Our fundamental premise is that the body will become better at whatever you do or don’t do.  If you don’t move, the body will become better at not moving.  If you move, your body will allow more movement. This quote has always stuck with me.

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