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  2. 40 - Are You At Your Peak?

40 – Are You At Your Peak?

by | 28th Jun 2021

DOES HEALTH AND happiness dip in your 40s? Maybe, but there are many lifestyle habits you can adopt to keep you energised through mid-life.

Surely mid-life – a point at which we’ve found success, be it personally or professionally, and figured out what we need – should be a time of contentment?

A recent study by researchers at Dartmouth College in the US, however, found happiness tends to dip to a lifetime low in our late-40s. The research, which looked at 15 fundamental measures of health and wellbeing – including fatigue, sadness, tension, anxiety, depression and sleeplessness – in people from all over the world, revealed a U-shaped ‘happiness curve’ which bottomed out from age 41-48.

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