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Hood-Fit- Challenge

FIT OR GETTING FIT – who knows? The Hood-Fit Challenge is about making Hammersmith & Fulham (H&F) the fittest borough in the UK. We know what it takes – our experience speaks for itself – featured in Telegraph, Times, Daily Mail, and much more.

How do you get fit? Which is the best Gym to get fit in? Who are the fittest Personal Trainers and residents in H&F? How can you find out? That’s the easy part – six simple HIIT exercises done at home or the Gym.  Sign-up today – can you afford not to?

Just Do It

WE’VE ALL GROWN up in different environments and faced various challenges, yet at a very early age many of us decided that we would not let our circumstances determine our future.

You vs Me Challenge’ is a simple, do’able and effective 9-minute home exercise plan that will improve fitness, boost energy and leave you feeling brighter, lighter, and more agile.

PT vs PT Challenge’ will weed out the unfit and un-qualified Personal Trainers to find the most professional and elite PTs in the Borough of H&F.

Gym vs Gym Challenge’ will also reveal which gym will earn the status of being the fittest gym, providing an excellent service to the most significant number of people? 


The Hood Fit Challenge is for EVERYONE: from the newcomer who has just started their fitness journey to the seasoned athlete who has their sights on becoming The Fittest in the Hood. From a range of backgrounds and levels of ability, all age groups can take part and we can all celebrate our accomplishments together at the end of the Challenge.

Age Healthy

There are four age divisions: Men and Women aged 20-30, 30-40, 50-60 and 60+. To qualify for a division, you must reach the given age bracket by 14 July 2021. Enter the Challenge as a statement to all exercisers across the Community – that we are in this together.


The one-day inaugural event is part of National Fitness Day. The event will be covered online and will be the biggest fitness event to unite the H&F community with flexible options for participants to compete at their local gym or home, with or without equipment. And it’s FREE!


National Fitness Day is Wednesday September 22 2021.


There will be several options for competing in the day’s event. You may be able to compete at a nearby gym affiliate, or simply do it at home on-line with no equipment. So, anyone can compete, anywhere.


It’s a First!  Help us make it memorable.  Please do it for fun, a challenge, for fitness, or to help make H&F the fittest borough in the UK.

“Everyone wants to be a Super-A. Otherwise, what’s the point in exercising.”
Wayne Lèal

Get registered & ramp up the training

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