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I am an independent Yoga Alliance Professionals accredited Instructor in two yogic based disciplines – JumpGa, a unique yoga hybrid; and Power Yoga, based on the Vinyasa style of yoga.

I am a Senior JumpGa Instructor at Champneys Spa in Tring, where I have taught it for several years, and I also teach Yoga classes there.

I am passionate about JumpGa because it saved me! I can no longer run because I developed painful osteo-arthritis in my knees, yet I need the cardio-vascular and stamina-building training that running gave me. JumpGa was the perfect solution – it is a unique form of exercise which uses a rebounder (any type of mini-trampoline) to incorporate the 5 components that contribute to total body fitness: cardio, balance, strength, flexibility and mobility.

I have worked within the NHS as a Physiotherapy Assistant in Orthopaedics for over 10 years, mainly working with patients who have suffered bone fractures due to weak, osteoporotic bones. I am responsible for instructing and motivating them in their own specific exercise programme aimed at increasing strength, range of motion and body confidence.

I aim to make my JumpGa and Yoga classes available and ‘do-able’ for all – regardless of an individual’s ability and limitations; working around injuries or conditions. I like to suggest adjustments and modifications in order to make the postures more achievable and prevent any possibility of injury. I enjoy teaching small groups and individuals, moving to music, and I work hard to ensure everyone leaves my class with a smile on their face!

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