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Sarah, Duchess of York


WE’VE MISSED YOU guys, and we will be reopening next week to help continue to support your health and fitness journey. Remember, there is no such thing as a quick fix when it comes to fitness and health – especially if you’ve been inactive for a while.
Stay home if you’re unwell. Please don’t come to the studio if you feel sick or have COVID-19 symptoms. Bring your towel, and if you’re doing yoga or Pilates, bring your mat if you have one. Arrive ready to work out. Please come in your workout gear to avoiding using the changing room where possible.

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THE SUPER-A online members magazine is the foundation of the ‘Pathway Program.’ It has all the expert advice you need on physical and mental workouts, plus nutrition and lifestyle information to help you keep your mind and body in peak condition. Exercise doesn’t reverse ageing; it allows you to age well and not before your time. The body is designed to be active. When it’s not, problems start.

‘None of us is the finished article, but we can experience a sense of total achievement.’

Josh Salzmann

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The Super-A ‘PATHWAY program’ is the ultimate fitness goal; its a demographic shift that will transform our world. Longer lifespans will be the most dramatic story of our age that will alter the balance of power between growing old and slowing the ageing process—forcing people to rethink the whole notion of ageing.

There is a multitude of ways in which we can improve our odds of ageing. And exercise is the best predictor of how well we age. But until doctors prescribe exercise instead of tablets and governments treating junk food and sugar like tobacco. Becoming a Super-A is the best way to redefine how you age.

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