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SUPER-A = Able, Accomplished, Active, Ager, Amazing, Awesome…

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‘Everyone wants to be
a Super-A; otherwise, what
is the point in exercising?’

Wayne Lèal

IT’S A LIFE THING! Are you single, married, stressed or depressed? These factors can take years off your face – or add them on. But don’t worry; we know how to slow-age you.

We are Super-A (younger than our biological age) and we have earned our No.1 fitness status by working with and being trusted by world-class athletes, champions, celebrities, and captains of industry.

The ‘SUPER-A’ program is not borrowed; it comes from observation, investigation, and practice, emphasising intense mind and body control.

Our exercises are the best predictor of how well you age. We have developed and refined performance improvements that have redefined people’s biological change for a longer, healthier life expectancy.



PERSONAL CHANGE INFLUENCES social change from the inside out. Before you can offer social change and become a successful ‘Change-maker’, you must set yourself up to lead a more fulfilling and productive life – because you cannot pour from an empty cup!

Super-A Retreats’ and workshops are about becoming a better person to foster inner trust and respect so that you can cultivate constructive social change. The Super-A website and Magazine are platforms to inspire and educate you towards your goals.

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THE SUPER-A online members magazine is the foundation of who we are. It has all the expert advice you need on physical and mental workouts, plus nutrition and lifestyle information to help you keep your mind and body in peak condition. Exercise doesn’t reverse ageing; it allows you to age well and not before your time. The body is designed to be active. When it’s not, problems start.

‘None of us is the finished article, but we can experience a sense of total achievement.’

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