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Able, Accomplished, Active, Ager, Amazing, Authentic…

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THE SUPER-A PROGRAM IS A PIONEERING fitness philosophy that is designed explicitly for mid-lifers and beyond. The workouts burn calories, add lean muscle and increase metabolism to help slow down the effects of time on the over-40 body.

All the moves are low impact and the easy-to-follow workouts incorporate all 6 components of optimum fitness: 1 Cardiovascular Endurance. 2 Muscular Endurance. 3 Muscular Strength. 4 Flexibility. 5 Body Composition. 6 Mobility. 

The training is no harder than traditional training, but it is smarter.

Try it out: A private lesson, a group session or as a retreat.  Whether for a health issue, at one of life’s crossroads, to rest and recuperate, or just to be.  BE SUPER–A.

Knowledge is Power

JOIN SUPER-A TO gain the knowledge you need to understand the biology of ageing. We are living proof that if you train the right way (mentally and physically), your heart will pump as well as it did in your youth.  You will also have the strength, flexibility and mobility of someone biologically younger than your chronological age.

This is not about denying who you are. We inspire through actions with a wiser, more honest approach to the truth of living a healthier, longer life. Let us show you how to address, prevent, and slow the effects of ageing: how you look, how you feel, and your attitude. Good health is a treasure; the alternative is sickness and disability

Our approach is not to dive into the deep end. We encourage you to put your toe in the water, then a foot, then a knee, and so on. The way to change—and sustain that change—is to take your time – and your body will respond by wanting you to do more.

You can join Super-A’s online Saturday meet-ups. It’s a chance for social interaction with others – it’s where the real magic begins to happen, helping you change your body and giving you the mindset for a successful life-fitness outcome.



Join Super-A for just £5 per month!

THE SUPER-A online members magazine is the foundation of who we are. It has all the expert advice you need on physical and mental workouts, plus nutrition and lifestyle information to help keep your mind and body in peak condition. Exercise doesn’t reverse ageing; it allows you to age well and not before your time. The body needs to be active. When it’s not, problems start.

‘None of us is the finished article, but we can experience a sense of total achievement.’

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Join Super-A for just £5 per month!

Get Up & Exercise


Start 2022 the right way by joining the Super-A Community. New Subscribers get their first month FREE and then just £5 a month thereafter. You can enjoy hand-picked rewards and brilliant on-line talks and forums and meet our Fitness Team, who are on-hand to answer all your questions. You will automatically gain access to our informative members magazine, covering Health, Fitness, Wellbeing and Psychology.

“My Health Goal is to Become a Super-A”

Sarah, Duchess of York

Our Brand is the Core of our Identity and Authenticity

SUPER-A is the perfect brand for the 40+ audience – 85% of companies do not have a marketing strategy toward this demographic. Essentially our philosophy does not conform to age-related stereotypes.

Our logo design reflects the roots of the Super-A brand; incorporating the sacred Zen symbol – the circle of togetherness, combined with the suggestive hands-on-hips pose of confidence.

Our motto ‘live a healthier, longer life’ reiterates the Super-A ideology.

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