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EVERY SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS needs a centre and ours is London; and the home of Super-A is a hidden gem. It is an intimate, members-only workout space without a treadmill or the usual gym equipment. The Super-A trainers who are based here are highly qualified and have an open, friendly and inspirational nature.

The only real evidence of the Super-A space are the fit yet sweaty bodies posted on Facebook and Instagram. The distinction of how we teach is the adoption of the Guru/Student 1-1 yogic teaching approach that dates back thousands of years. People with the most enviable lifestyles seek advice – not only on health and fitness – but on how to live their lives; placing responsibility for their whole wellbeing in the philosophy of Super-A.

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‘None of us is the finished article, but we can experience a sense of total achievement.’

Josh Salzmann

Innovative Fitness Lifestyle Journal

THE IDEA OF the online Super-A Journal came from the simple observation that the fit over 40, 50, 60, need to be better represented in the media. Our aim is to help people to master self-esteem – valuing themselves, having positive relationships, confidence in their abilities, and adopting a healthier lifestyle.

COMING TOGETHER AND being part of something promotes a positive psychological state to maintain fitness and healthy wellbeing. The key is – “we’re in this together.” For as little as £10 per month, or free as an associate member, we will provide you with everything you need to achieve a healthier, longer life.

THE ‘PATHWAY’ PROGRAM is the difference that makes the difference. It is a complete mind and body process because there is no ‘magic pill,’ no ‘get fit quick’ formula. It’s what Super-A offers that no-one else does in our market. It’s a collective approach from top trainers – with a common perspective.

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