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“Be cool, be nice, be kind, and join Super-A Tribe”

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Wayne, 62
Josh, 64

“Being a Super-A is complete aliveness, to develop skills that combat age-related change”

Wayne Lèal

THIS IS WHY joining the Super-A tribe will increase your quality of life. Wayne Lèal (creator of Super-A) and long-standing friend and business partner Josh Salzmann have over 80-years of combined fitness experience. They have collaborated to change the narrative around ‘ageing’ – commonly viewed as synonymous with weakness; something to fear and prevent.

They both believe that the strategy for success is accountability for your actions – taking responsibility for what you eat and how much you exercise. Their SUPER-A JOURNAL comes from the collective wisdom that they and their fellow Super-A’s have gained: from experience, knowledge, common sense, and self-experimentation.

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‘None of us is the finished article, but we can experience a sense of total achievement.’

Josh Salzmann

Innovative Fitness Lifestyle Journal

THE IDEA OF the online Super-A Journal came from the simple observation that the fit over 40, 50, 60, need to be better represented in the media. Our aim is to help people to master self-esteem – valuing themselves, having positive relationships, confidence in their abilities, and adopting a healthier lifestyle.