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SUPER-A = Able, Accomplished, Active, Ager, Amazing, Awesome…

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‘Super-A: the age-defying holy grail of fitness’

Wayne Lèal

SUPER-A’S ARE THE 5% who defy the ageing process – by training and eating ourselves young. The remaining 95% are at risk of being overweight, unfit, and depressed.

It’s our experience that can slow down the ageing process. By incorporating a few of our habits into your daily routine, it won’t just leave you fresh-looking—it’ll boost your overall energy. 

Overall, health has radically improved, and we can live a longer, healthier life, as shown by lifespans doubling in the past 150 years. Ageing is natural and not a sickness to be cured. It is a gift that some people never achieve.

We have earned our No.1 fitness status by working with and being trusted by influential organisations, world-class athletes, champions, celebrities, and captains of industry.

The ‘SUPER-A’ program comes from observation, investigation, and practice, emphasising intense mind and body control – what we do is the best predictor of how well you age. That’s the beauty in fitness.



BY DEFINITION SUPER-A’s aspire to look and feel younger than their biological age. Our Talks, Retreats and Workshops are about giving you body confidence to become a better person and foster inner trust and respect so that you can cultivate constructive social change.

Personal change influences social change from the inside out. Before you can offer social change and become a successful ‘Change-maker’, you must set yourself up to lead a more fulfilling and productive life – because you cannot pour from an empty cup!

A recent Super-A event saw the participation of David Lloyd and Nuffield Health mark the beginning of a new event on the fitness calendar- Hood Fitness. Kristen Westwood and Mo Bouamari, the respective General Managers, agreeing that the event was a fitness leveller’: for the young, old, fitness newcomer and the seasoned athlete.



Join Super-A for just £5 per month!

THE SUPER-A online members magazine is the foundation of who we are. It has all the expert advice you need on physical and mental workouts, plus nutrition and lifestyle information to help keep your mind and body in peak condition. Exercise doesn’t reverse ageing; it allows you to age well and not before your time. The body needs to be active. When it’s not, problems start.

‘None of us is the finished article, but we can experience a sense of total achievement.’

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Join Super-A for just £5 per month!

“My Health Goal, is to Become a Super-A”

Sarah, Duchess of York

Our Brand is the Core of our Identity and Authenticity

SUPER-A is the perfect brand for the 40+ audience – 85% of companies do not have a marketing strategy toward this demographic. Essentially our philosophy does not conform to age-related stereotypes.

Our logo design reflects the roots of the Super-A brand; incorporating the sacred Zen symbol – the circle of togetherness, combined with the suggestive hands-on-hips pose of confidence.

Our motto ‘live a healthier, longer life’ reiterates the Super-A ideology.

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